A. V. fistula needle sets

A. V. fistula needle sets

  • Brand : ZBK or OEM
  • Product origin: China
  • Delivery time: in 4 weeks
  • Supply capacity : 10,000 sets per day
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    A. V. fistula needle sets is used together with Plasmapheresis Centrifuge Apparatus for Single Use.


    1. Sharpest needle point and Needle Gauge is 16G

    2. Flexible wings with textured surface for secure grip.

    3. The pipeline is soft and elastic, reduces the movement of the needle in the body

    4. The shielding protective sleeve can effectively shield the used needle and ensure that the needle point does not accidentally puncture medical personnel, patients and other people, thereby achieving the function of protection and reducing infection


    Disposable Product

    Supplied in individual sterile packages

     Sterilization: ETO

    Certificate:CE,ISO9001, ISO14001, IS013485

    Options available :With or without shielding protective sleeve

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