Hard Shell Leukocyte Reduction Filter

Hard Shell Leukocyte Reduction Filter

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  • Brand : ZBK or OEM
  • Product origin: China
  • Delivery time: in 3 weeks
  • Supply capacity : 15,000 pcs per day
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    Leukocyte Reduction filter for single use


    Our Leukocyte Removal Filters is designed to remove the leukocytes and micro-aggregate in blood and protect patients from leukocyte-related transfusion complications such as GVHD diseases and adverse reactions etc. As a disposable product, it is mainly used in blood stations and hospitals.

    Product Model: ZBK-RF-200S, ZBK-RF-400S

    The filtration volume is 1 unit or 2 units (each unit includes 200ml of whole blood and anticoagulant).


    1.Biological properties

    Residual WBC count less than≤1.0×106/unit

    High RBC recovery rate≥90%

    Hematolysis rate≤5%

    Filtration time: 12-15 minutes

    100%removal of micro-aggregates

    2.Physical and chemical property 

    Heavy metal≤1μg

    Reducing Substances≤2ml

    Evaporation residue≤2mg


    l UV Absorption≤0.3(Wavelength: 250nm to 320nm)



    Filter Body: Polycarbonate-PC

    Filter membrane material: PBT Polyester


    200ml: Outside diameter: 70mm

    400ml: Outside diameter: 90mm

    3.Filtration area: 200ml: 28.26 cm²

    400ml: 50.24 cm²

    Sterilization: High-pressure steam

    Certificate:CE, ISO9001, ISO14001, IS01348501,

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