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    Post time: Sep-17-2018

    From August 29th to August 31st, 2018 Medical Fair Asia was held in Singapore. Sponsored by Düsseldorf Messe GmbH, 2018 Medical Fair Asia is the largest medical industry exhibition in Singapore and one of the most well-known main medical exhibitions in Asia. The exhibition attracted more than 1,0...Read more »

  • XXIX vias scopum Sales excedere,
    Post dies: Aug-02-2018

    Ut ipsum in conscientia et amplius augendae comitatu scriptor facultatem ad ipsum venditio, secundum ad comitatu scriptor annua MMXVII Disciplinae consilia, 14-16 Aprilis, Taibao disposui a Group "scopum Sales excederet XXIX via" In -House disciplina, training ad docendum ... Read more »

  • Group sanguinis donum gratuitum actionem Taibao
    Post dies: Aug-02-2018

    On June 12,2017, Taibao Group compined Zibo Blood Center launched a campaign to donate blood, a total of 220 employees participated in the donation actively. At 8:30 am, The first floor of Taibao Group staff restaurant turned into a temporary blood donation room, the space was divided into con...Read more »

  • XVII Staff Taibao Group de ludis Obviam
    Post dies: Aug-02-2018

    On April 28th, Taibao Group organized the annual 17th Staff Sporting meeting to promote unity among the companies within the group, enhance departmental friendship, and keep fit. The Sporting meeting had a total of 20 items, most of them were team items. Team items were the performanceof team ...Read more »

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