Needleless Injector

Needleless Injector

Short Description:

  • Brand : ZBK or OEM
  • Product origin: China
  • Delivery time: In 2 weeks
  • Supply capacity : 1,000 pcs per month
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    ZBK needless injector is composed of two parts

    1、This part includes a sterile single-use filling adaptor and a disposable single use sterile 0.3 ml graduated needless syringe(ampoule). They are the core and naming basis of the Needless injector.

    2、This part includes Injector and Reset station and provides powder for injection

    Structure of each part

    1.sterile single-use filling adaptor: Cap, needle holder and needle tubing.


    2.Disposable single use sterile needless syringe: Barrel, Plunger and core bar.


    3.Injector : injector body, safe lock outside ring, safe lock inner ring and trigger.


    4.Reset station: pressure upper cover, resetting bar, resetting station holder.


    Product operational principle

    Needless injector is a injection device by pressure and don’t need needle during the injecting. Through the use of super strong special spring to form a high pressure, under this pressure, the liquid medicine will go through a very thin hole and produce a liquid stream which penetrate the skin and spray to the subcutaneous layer by the needle syringe.

    Product Features

    1.Eliminate the injecting pain.

    2.Eliminate puncturing incidence caused by needle.

    3.No cross-contamination.

    4.No Calluses, swelling,bruise and fester.

    5.No leakage.

    6.No need washing and easy to handle; small size and easy to carry; amblyopic patient can also use it.

    Product use introduction

    1.Prepare the injector

    2.Fill the Syringe

    3.Load injector

    4.Give injection

    Product quality assurance

    Our company have passed Iso9001, ISO013485 international quality certificate and ISO14001 international environmental certificate.

    The company has physical, chemical, biological laboratories and large-scale sterilization equipment to ensure the products are pyrogen-free, toxic-free. We also have sample room to ensure the product quality.

    Service and commitment

    The Needless Injector manufactured by Shandong Zhongbaokang medical Implements Co., Ltd is strictly tested, adjust and checked to ensure the product good quality. If there are some failure during use or quality problem, please call our marketing department and require repair, the phone No. is +86-0533-8688533.

    Solemn promise: our Injector and Reset station have one year warranty time since the purchasing date and the FillingAdaptor and Needless Syringe(ampoule) have two years warranty time since the sterilization date.

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