Virus Inactivity Blood Transfusion Filter for Single Use

Virus Inactivity Blood Transfusion Filter for Single Use

  • Brand : ZBK or OEM
  • Product origin: China
  • Delivery time: in 4 weeks
  • Supply capacity : 15,000 sets per day
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    It is used to inactivate the viruses on plasma, absorb the added methylene blue and filter the leukocyte in plasma. It must used matching with the Medical Virus Inactivity Apparatus.


    Indicating virus inactivation effect:VSV≥6lgTCID50;Sindbis≥6lgTCID50。

    The average retention rate of the main plasma coagulation factor≥80%。

    No variation in immunogenicity of plasma proteins

    The residual amount of the leukocyte per unit plasma< 5.0×105/unit( leukocyte removal rate≥99.9%)

    The absorption rate of methylene blue≥85%

    The color and appearance of the plasma after filtration were not significantly different from those of normal plasma.

    Quick filtration, saving working time, filtering time is 3-4 minutes

    Must be used together with the inactivation equipment of the same factory which has been verified by process to achieve the product inactive effect.


    Spike, stop clip, Adsorption filter Component, bypass, MB Add Component, Blood transfer bag, pipeline.

    Sterilization: ETO

    Certificate:CE, ISO9001, ISO14001, IS013485

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