The unpaid blood donation activity in Taibao Group




On June 12,2017, Taibao Group compined Zibo Blood Center launched a campaign to donate blood, a total of 220 employees participated in the donation actively. At 8:30 am, The first floor of Taibao Group staff restaurant turned into a temporary blood donation room, the space was divided into consultation area, detection area, blood area and other areas. More than a dozen blood nurses carrying professional testing and blood collection equipment to start the work. In the activity, Taibao Group Chairman Gong Duanzhou took the lead in the unpaid blood donation and said the blood donation activity has been organized by Taibao Group five times. This time, more than 500 employees have been active application response, and finally we pick out some of the workers who matched conditions to participate in this unpaid blood donation. Participation in unpaid blood donation not only enhances the love and responsibility of the workers, drives more people to know and participate in unpaid blood donation, but also helps many people who need help. We are willing to organize such meaningful activities as a socially responsible enterprise. On the same day, Taibao Group, a total of 220 caring workers involved in the voluntary blood donation activities, the cumulative blood volume reached nearly 60000 ml. At the end of blood donation, workers also received the souvenirs provided by the city blood center and edible oil, eggs and other nutritional supplements provided by Taibao Group.

Post time: Aug-02-2018

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