29 ways to exceed sales target

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In order to further enhance the marketing awareness and ability of the company’s marketing sales, according to the company’s annual training plan for 2017, on April 14-16, Taibao Group organized the “29 ways to exceed sales target” In -house training, the training teacher is Wang Yue who engaged in vocational training for eight years, with a abundant and solid marketing training practice experience.

    The training is carried out from five parts as a whole. Part 1: Strategies for Beyond Sales Targets; Part 2: New Customer Development; Part 3: Self-Capability Mining; Part 4: Product Optimization; Part 5: Post President

    During the training we actively participated in with high spirits and learned through examples of the introduction of training. The training is flexible, focusing on full participation and explained the importance of marketing ideas and marketing techniques from different aspects, pointed out how to be an excellent marketing person. Marketing staff on the training had deep feelings and expressed a positive and responsible attitude into the future work, and ultimately achieved good training results.

Post time: Aug-02-2018

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