Leukocyte Reduction Filter Set For Blood Bank

Leukocyte Reduction Filter Set For Blood Bank

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  • Brand : ZBK or OEM
  • Product origin: China
  • Delivery time: in 4 weeks
  • Supply capacity : 20,000 sets per day
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    Our Leukocyte Removal Filters is designed to remove the leukocytes and micro-aggregate in blood and protect patients from leukocyte-related transfusion complications such as GVHD diseases and adverse reactions etc.


    Residual WBC count less than≤1.0×106/unit

    High RBC recovery rate≥90%

    Hematolysis rate≤5%

    Filtration time: 12-15 minutes

    100%removal of micro-aggregates


    It consists of a filter, the pipelines and a blood bag.

    1. The filter is the core part where the leukocytes can be filtered and absorbed.

    2.The pipelines consist of the saline solution pipeline and the blood pipeline. By irrigating the pipelines with saline solution after filtration, the red blood cells in the pipelines can be recovered thoroughly.

    3. The bypass pipe parallels to the filter. The sterile air in the blood bag can go into

    the collection bag through the bypass pipe.

    4. The blood bag is used to collect the leukocyte-depleted blood.

    The whole set is sterile and airtight. It can prevent the cross-infection.


    1. Before filtration, cool the blood at 2℃-8℃ for over 2 hours.

    2. Hang the blood bag over 1.5 meters.

    3. Adjust the dropping rate to make sure the filtering time to be more than 15 minutes.

    Sterilization: ETO

    Certificate:CE, ISO9001, ISO14001, IS013485

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