Infusion Filter

Infusion Filter

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  • Brand : ZBK or OEM
  • Product origin: China
  • Delivery time: in 4 weeks
  • Supply capacity : 200,000 pcs per day
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    Assembled with infusion apparatus into precise filtering infusion sets. It is used to filter the insoluble particles in liquid medicine to avoid harms to the body from particles.

    Product Type:common filter, lightproof filter


    Fast flow rate and there is no blocking in the process of infusion.

    High Biological compatible, low drug adsorption.

    Autimatically exhaust. The exhausting speed is fast and there is no bubbles remaining.

    The filtration rate is more than 99%.

    No foreign matters fall off and avoid secondary pollution.

    Transmittance for lightproof filter≦35%



    Filter Media: hydrophilic PES membrane

    Vent: hydrophobic PTFE membrane

    Housing: clear medical ABS plastic

    Pore Size: 0.22um, 1.2um, 2.0um, 3.0um,5.0um

    Dimensions: External diameter:31.2mm Max thickness: 12mm

    Inlet/Outlet Connectors: Standard IV tubing connectors(Inlet/outlet)

    Hydrophilic filtration area: 5.8 cm²

    Hydrophobic filtration area: 0.785cm²

    Minimum Water Bubble Point:

    0.22um: 350kpa

    1.2um: 40kpa

    5um: 45kpa

    Minimum Water Flow Rate:

    PES 0.2um: ≥200ml/10min @100cm water head pressure

    PES 1.2um: ≥500ml/10min @100cm water head pressure

    PES 2.0um: ≥500ml/10min @100cm water head pressure

    PES 3.0um: ≥500ml/10min @100cm water head pressure

    PES 5.0um: ≥500ml/10min @100cm water head pressure

    Sterilization: ETO

    Certificate:CE, ISO9001, ISO14001, IS013485

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