Lightproof Infusion Set With One Spike

Lightproof Infusion Set With One Spike

Short Description:

  • Brand : ZBK or OEM
  • Product origin: China
  • Delivery time: in 4 weeks
  • Supply capacity : 50,000 sets per day
  • Product Detail

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    Lightproof Infusion set is mainly used for prone to photochemical degradtion in clinical practice, anti-tumor drug infusion.

    Performance Property

    Transmittance of pipelines≦15%, Transmittance of drip ≦35%.
    Automatically stock solution.
    Automatically eliminate bubbles.

    Automatically exhaust.

    Structure & Material Property:
    1.Sharp and easy piercing air vented spike, bacteria retentive air inlet with snap on cap.
    2.Double tube structure, UV resistant tubing minimizes decomposition of the active ingredients of various drugs of oncology & antibiotics etc. Tube : I Ø : 3.0 mm, O Ø : 4.1 mm, Tube Length : 150, 180, 200 cm
    3.“Y” injection port designed for multiple injections
    4.Transparent & flexible drip chamber.
    5.Smooth roller clamp facilitates easy, safe control and adjustment of fluid rates.
    6.Stop chip can be handled easily by one hand.
    7.Luer lock

    8.Hypodermic Needle

    Options available :
    –With or without needle
    –With or without “Y” injection port 
    –Luer Lock or Luer Slip
    –With or without flow regulator integrated into Infusion set for precise flow control
    –With Customized Tube Length

    –With DEHP free Tube

    Sterilization: ETO

    Certificate:CE, ISO9001, ISO14001, IS013485

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